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Christmas Tree Netting Machine | Galvanised Funnel 34cm

Christmas Tree Netting Machine | Galvanised Funnel 34cm
Technical Data
Netting / Machine Diameter34cm
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  • Model: XM-FUN-GALVSTL-34CM
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Christmas Tree Funnels

Packaging Machines to Protect Your Christmas Trees!

Hard wearing, solid, galvanised steel Christmas tree funnels to protect your trees

Our Christmas tree packaging funnel machines are solidly built for long life, with funnels made from galvanised steel and frames made from heavy duty powder coated tubular steel.

The funnels sizes are compatible with our range of Christmas tree netting.

Our funnels come flat-packed and boxed for easy transportation and reduced storage space.

Each funnel machine comes with a rubber brake ring to hold the net in place. Spare rings are available, please see below.

Key Features

  • Sturdy frame for stability and durability
  • Galvanised steel funnel that won't rust
  • Includes 1 rubber brake ring
  • Other sizes of Christmas tree funnels on request.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Open carton and remove all the parts.
  2. Fit the separate leg sections into the tubes on the funnel section.
  3. Insert bolts and tighten.
  4. Remove the rubber brake ring.
  5. We recommend removing the fixed blade for Health and Safety reasons.
  6. Use a safety knife instead (we can supply these if you don't have one)
  7. Remove the parallel end of the funnel by twisting it off in anti-clockwise direction.
  8. Open bale of netting carefully, noting the direction of the arrows.
  9. Remove one netting sleeve.
  10. Slide the netting sleeve, with packaging material still around it, with the arrows pointing downwards towards the flange upstand. (see picture)
  11. Remove the packaging material carefully.
  12. Replace the metal tube onto the main funnel and twist lock in opposite direction.
  13. Slide the netting towards the tapered end and find the lead end, usually marked with an identification ribbon etc.
  14. Pull the leading end of the netting over the flange upstand and replace the rubber ring over the netting behind the upstand, so it acts as a brake as the netting pulls off the tube.
  15. Tie a knot in the netting.
  16. insert the cut end of the trunk of the tree in the flared end of the funnel and push till it catches on the knot and then draw the tree through the funnel till it comes out at the other end, drawing the netting over it.
  17. Remove the tree, cut the netting with spare at the top end and re-tie a knot to start the next tree.

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